18 Email Subject Lines for B2B Sales Reps to Get Prospects to Open, Read, and Reply

Before your prospects even read your well-crafted email, they have to open it. They key for B2B sales reps in getting their emails opened is the subject line. It’s essentially the ‘gatekeeper’ when it comes to emailing prospects.

So, how do you make a B2B sales email subject line irresistible?

It always works best if your subject line speaks to your prospect and piques their interest – with a question, controversial statement, or by reinforcing urgency.

Research from Convince & Convert declares that 69% of people who report emails as spam do so based on the subject line. It’s important to add value with your subject line so your emails get read and, even more importantly, don’t get earmarked as spam and thrown into the round file.

The best advice?

Write like a human. That means you may be best served by techniques like utilizing lowercase type, or informal language. I had a colleague that used to intentionally include typos specifically to give the air of humanness.  

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve put together a list of 15 of the best B2B sales email subject lines for you to experiment with in your own efforts.

Introduction Emails

When you reach out to a brand-new prospect, you need a strong subject line so it won’t be ignored. Here are six of our favorite subject lines for introduction emails in B2B sales:


  • Are you the correct person?
  • Who should I talk to about this?


  • John, a little help please
  • John – This made me think of you


  • 20 minutes on Tuesday
  • 10x results in 10 minutes

Follow-Up Emails

Your follow-ups should be amicable yet attention-getting. Use subject lines to follow up without applying pressure or being seen as too pesky. Here are six subject lines that we like for follow-ups.

Casual Reminder

  • Next steps for ABC company
  • Great chatting with you, John

Valuable Information

  • Forgot to mention…
  • I found the answer, John

Touch Point Cross-Pollination

  • tried calling you
  • Missed you again

Break-Up Emails

The break-up email serves many purposes: to offer one more opportunity to incite action, to weed out tire-kickers from your pipeline, to put an amicable end to the pursuit of that prospect, among others. Here are six subject lines that help do just that.


  • I think I lost you…
  • John, did I do something wrong?

Blaming Yourself

  • It’s not you… it’s me
  • My apologies, John

Closing the Door

  • Should I stay or should I go?
  • Can I cross you off the list?

We’re interested to see what your variations on the perfect B2B sales email subject line are. Please comment below with a subject line you’ve found to be stellar in your B2B sales activity.